Bogus Creek 150

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Jackie Larson Wins 2016 Bogus Creek 150!

Jackie Larson of Napaskiak crossed the Bogus Creek finish line at 10:34 AM to be crowned the 2016 Bogus Creek 150 Champion!  Larson finished the race on Saturday morning with an elapsed race time of 17 hours 34 minutes and 53 seconds with 10 dogs for a grand prize of $6,300.  John George of Akiachak finished behind Larson at 11:29 AM with an elapsed time of 18 hours and 29 minutes with 9 dogs.  George will take home $4,900 for his efforts.  Rounding out the top 3, Matt Scott of Hoffman McDonald Berube Scott Kennel finished at 12:01 PM with 9 dogs, for an elapsed race time of 19 hours and 1 minute and 24 seconds.  Scott will earn $3,700 for his 3rd place finish.

Herman Phillip finished 4th at 1:08 PM and will take home $3,000, followed by Nate DeHaan at 3:03PM with 10 dogs, Nick Berres at 3:06PM with 10 dogs, Victoria Hardwick at 3:53PM with 10 dogs, and Joan Klejka at 4:28PM with 10 dogs.