Other Races – 2015 Holiday Classic

Greg Larson wins the 2015 Holiday Classic!

Greg Larson went home with $2,100 as the champion of the 2015 Holiday Classic with an elapsed race time of 3 hours, 52 minutes, and 42 seconds. The race purse was increased from last year to a total of $12,300 paid out over 12 places.  21 local mushers competed in the 45-mile run from Bethel to Akiachak and back.  Bill Eisenbart took 2nd place with an elapsed race time of 3 hours, 37 minutes, and 20 seconds and won $1,900.  Matt Scott took $1,700 in 3rd place with an elapsed race time of 3 hours, 40 minutes, and 59 seconds.  The complete race results are as follows:

2015 Holiday Classic Results
Place Name Elapsed Time Prize Money
1 Greg Larson 3:25:42 $2,100
2 Bill Eisenbart 3:37:20 $1,900
3 Matt Scott 3:40:59 $1,700
4 John George 3:46:26 $1,500
5 Pete Kaiser 3:47:52 $1,300
6 Victoria Hardwick 3:50:27 $1,100
7 Nick Berres 3:52:22 $900
8 Robert Larson 4:03:23 $700
9 Mike Williams, Jr. 4:03:59 $500
10 Ron Kaiser 4:09:25 $300
11 Nathan Underwood 4:10:53 $200
12 Alex Larson 4:12:11 $100
13 Herman Phillip 4:13:56
14 Sargent Guy 4:17:16
15 Anthony Olick 4:24:14
16 Thomas Carl 4:24:23
17 Jackie Larson 4:29:54
18 Jeremiah Klejka 4:36:31
19 Joan Klejka 4:42:32
20 John Simon 4:54:26
21 Nate DeHaan 5:34:27

The trail is 45 miles long and starts on the river out from the mouth of the small boat harbor. It runs through Straight Slough, left up the Kuskokwim to the Gweek. Follow the Gweek to the Akiachak Portage, pass the village on the river. Then follow the river to a point above the island just before the river turns north to Akiak. Here the trail moves from the right bank to the left bank and turns left back to Akiachak, and follows the same trail back to Bethel. The trail has been marked mainly with pin flags and a few K300 stakes.

Race Rules
  1. The race will be a mass start at 11 am.
  2. Eight dog limit.
  3. No drop dogs.
  4. General passing rules apply.
  5. No pacing by snow machine. There may be a snow machine pacing the field in the early part of the trail to show all teams the proper trail, and also perhaps at other points on the trail as needed.
  6. Mushers must be a current member of the K300 to participate in this race. Membership may be purchased by sponsoring a K300 mile for $100.
  7. The race purse will be $12,300 paid out through 12 positions.