Other Races – 2014 Holiday Classic

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2014 Holiday Classic competitors at the startline

2014 Holiday Classic competitors at the startline

2014 Holiday Classic

The 2014 Holiday Classic took place Saturday, December 27 at 11:00AM at the mouth of the small boat harbor.

Trail description by Lead Trail Marker and Board President Myron Angstman:
“The trail starts near the small boat harbor but does not follow the edge of the river, but instead follows the main trail further out on the river. K300 wooden stakes are placed the first mile, into Straight Slough. From there, pin flags lead to the left out of Straight Slough, up the main river on the left of the island, from there stay on the river to the Gweek. Very few markers on the Gweek, take the portage to Akiachak, stay on the river past the village, and keep to the right after the first bend above the village, following the south bank of the River to the Kuskokoak. Follow the middle of the Kuskokoak past the recovery area, all the way past Kwethluk (no portage). There are both pin flags and K300 stakes marking the main trail from Kwethluk back to the lower end of Church Slough. Take a right turn out of Church slough on a small Slough to the Kuskokwim, go directly across the main river to upper end of Straight Slough and rejoin the outbound trail in Straight Slough to the finish. 46-47 miles, good snow, as of Friday no water on the trail. Marked by Bill Eggimann and Myron Angstman. Next year’s trail will be marked by the first person who complains about this year’s trail.”

2014 Holiday Classic map

2014 Holiday Classic Race Route

1 Jackie Larson 3:47:23 $2000
2 Mike Williams, Jr. 3:54:20 $1700
3 Cukayuk Olick 3:55:43 $1500
4 Brian Berube 3:59:16 $1300
5 Bill Eisenbart 4:04:17 $1100
6 Anthony Olick 4:08:53 $900
7 Joan Klejka 4:14:23 $700
8 Johnnie Evan 4:15:34 $500
9 Alex Chaney 4:20:20 $300
10 Thomas Carl 4:21:59 $100
11 Nick Berres 4:26:19
12 Jacob Napoka 4:27:34
13 Pa't Evan 4:28:16
14 John George 4:28:48
15 Jessica Klejka 4:29:02
16 Alexie Jacob 5:15:52