Kalskag Checkpoint Thanks

Loreen Steeves of Kalskag gives her thanks in the Delta Discovery for all the volunteers and donations for the Kalskag Checkpoint!
See the original Letter to the Editor here: http://www.deltadiscovery.com/story/2015/01/28/letters-to-the-editor/k300-kalskag-checkpoint-thanks/2874.html

Hi, another successful year with donations from our people of Kalskag which we are very grateful for all the support.

Mary Ann Vaska – 2 bags of beans, noodles, 2 lbs. oatmeal, dry milk, moose liver, salmon, smelts; Anica Store – 1 large turkey, 10 lbs. flour; Jessica Thomas – oatmeal, pasta, kool aid; Janet and Joey Evan – moose steaks; Maybelle Hoffman – chicken salad, tomato juice, Wesson oil; Sue M. – energy nuts, green tea, granola; BJ & Margaret – muktuk; Bonnie Pearrson – breakfast casserole, breakfast bread, large trashbags; Loreen Steeves – moose meat, dried strips, agooduck, moose liver, cheese, tuna, rice, noodles, stewed tomatoes, cabbage; Andrew M. – for all your help in the kitchen and cleaning up; Esther Downhouser – Stromboli. Thank you so much to you all who helped made it a very successful turnout.

Loreen Steeves
Kalskag, AK